Vossen VLE1 Limited Edition Wheel’s Full Face Has Been Unveiled!

vossen-vle1-wheel-limited-edition-01We have had the pleasure to be one of the few Vossen authorized dealers in the world to be invited to the unveiling of the first limited edition wheel, the Vossen VLE1. The Vossen VLE1 is not only Vossen’s first limited edition, the VLE1 is also Vossen’s first full-faced directional wheel. There will be only 400 sets produced for the Vossen VLE1 in two finishes, gloss graphite, and gloss silver. Each VLE1 set will be individually numbered to ensure that each consumer is receiving an exclusive limited edition set of wheels.

To further ensure the VLE1’s limited edition exclusivity, for the few lucky individuals who have this masterpiece of a wheel rotating beneath them, Vossen will have the VLE1’s mold destroyed upon creation of the final set. Thus, the Vossen VLE1 can potentially turn into a wise investment for the savvy few who capitalize on this limited edition wheel not as only a modification but an investment. Over time as the number of sets existing in the world are pushed near the brink of extinction, that $40k a set rumor may become true.

Vossen has created the most unique experience for VLE1 owners with their exclusive VLE1 accessory pack. The VLE1 accessory pack includes five numbered center caps, Certificate of Authenticity, and a few others that we promised to not disclose as a surprise for future VLE1 owners. Touring the new Vossen facility was truly remarkable. Vossen’s attention to detail was put on display on every square inch of their state of the art facility, including the wheels.

Without a doubt, the Vossen VLE-1 is going to be one of the most sought out wheels for true car enthusiasts who want their vehicle to be truly one of a kind. With the VLE-1, your vehicle is not a mass produced car anymore, it is morphed into a one of a kind masterpiece revolving beneath your feet.