Vertini RF1.1 Rotary Forged Concave Wheel Madness!

VERTINI Wheels was born from an obsession to create styling wheels by deploying craftsmanship and technology to the highest standard and settling for nothing less than absolute perfection.  It is this obsession for perfection that gave birth to Vertini Wheels RF1.1. Using state of the art rotary forged technology, the RF1.1 starts with a cast using a low pressure heat treating process which increases strength and durability. The wheel is then spun at high velocity as heat and pressure are applied by hydraulic rollers that stretch and form the wheel barrels to there exact profile.

vertini-rf11-blog vertini-rf11-blog-01

The Vertini RF1.1 will be available in 19, 20, 21, & 22 inch sizes with staggered & standard fitments. The RF1.1 will be in stock in brush titanium and brush face with silver windows and can be custom drilled with custom offsets.

vertini-rf11-brush-face-silver-01 vertini-rf11-brush-face-silver-02 vertini-rf11-brush-face-silver-03 vertini-rf11-brush-face-silver-04vertini-rf11-brushed-titanium-01 vertini-rf11-brushed-titanium-02 vertini-rf11-brushed-titanium-03 vertini-rf11-brushed-titanium-04 vertini-rf11-brushed-titanium-05 vertini-rf11-brushed-titanium-06