Stance SF01 Rotary Forged True Directional Wheel

New to Stance Wheels 2015 wheel line up is the SF01 Rotary Forged True Directional Wheels. The SF01 is the lightest and strongest wheel Stance Wheels have available. Using the rotary forged method allows Stance Wheels to build the SF01 stronger and lighter then cast wheels. The SF01 is a true directional wheel that allows wheel rotation to be the same on both driver and passenger side. The SF01 will be available in standard Brush Face Silver color and signature Brush Titanium. The new SF01 is 1 of 3 wheels Stance will be producing this year with new German advanced flow forming process.




The new Rotary forged line is manufactured in Stance’s own factory using state of the art rotary forged technology. The wheel is initially cast using low pressure heat treated process, increasing strength and durability. The wheels are then spun at high velocity as heat and pressure are applied by hydraulic rollers that stretch and form the wheel barrels to there precise profiles.

stance-sf01-blog-02The new process allows for lighter and stronger wheels produced through this high pressure forging on the barrels. The wheels allow for vehicle benefits of unsprung weight, which in hand produces less wear and tear.

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