Savini BM10 Wheels Custom Tailored Onto Porsche’s 911 991 Carrera… So Hot Somebody Call 911!


The ultimate fusion has been conducted on this project through the brand new Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S, further enhanced with Savini’s BM10 wheels dressed in its elegant machined black finishSavini’s BM10 wheels are a dynamic combination of style, performance, and customize-ability. The BM10 wheel model and its gorgeous seven-spoke deep concave wheel design enhances every curve the Porsche 991 has to offer. To make the project stickier and allow enhance handling even better the Savini BM10 wheels are wrapped with Pirelli’s P Zero tires

Porsche 991 Carrera with Savini wheels BM10

The old cliché “It’s too hot to handle” has been debunked with this project. With Savini’s hot new wheels on the new Porsche 997, and the sticky Pirelli P Zero tires, this project’s results are too hot and it definitely can handle.


The Savini BM10 staggers itself ahead other aftermarket wheels through its custom tailored wheel construction, otherwise known simply as blank wheels. Some of you may be asking, “what is a blank wheel?” In essence, the wheel does not have a predetermined bolt pattern, nor does it have predetermined offset until your order is placed with your vehicle’s specifications such as, make, model, year, and aftermarket modifications such as, Brembo Brake Kits, coilovers, or lowering sports springs.


The best analogy to a blank wheel would be going to a tailor to get a custom tailor made suit. The tailor does not have a suit for you hanging on the racks ready to go. The suit is made through precise measurements of your bodies specifications thus, your end product is
a custom tailored suit that is the perfect fitment for your body. The same idea is incorporated into the Savini BM10 wheels, along with the rest of Savini’s BM Series wheel line, your end product is a custom tailored wheel that is the perfect fitment for your vehicles specifications. The results of having blank wheels are limitless. We can ensure car enthusiasts are going receive the most flush, aesthetic, and ideal fitment for your vehicles specifications.


Vehicle: 2014 Porsche Carrera 4S

Wheel Model: Savini BM10 Wheels

Finish: Machined Black      Bolt Pattern: 5×130

Front Wheel: 20×8.5          Rear Wheel: 20×10.5

Front Offset: 42 mm          Rear Offset: 45 mm

Tire Model: Pirelli P Zero Tires

Front Tires: 245/35/ZR20    Rear Tires: 305/30/ZR20

porsche-carrera-4s-savini-bm10-black-machined-03 porsche-carrera-4s-savini-bm10-black-machined-10 porsche-carrera-4s-savini-bm10-black-machined-12 porsche-carrera-4s-savini-bm10-black-machined-13 porsche-carrera-4s-savini-bm10-black-machined-02