Introducing the all New Light Weight VS Forged Wheels !


From the Creator of Stance and Vertini we introduce you the all new VS Forged Wheels. Here is the line up with it’s new VS Forged VS01, VS Forged VS02, VS Forged VS03, VS Forged VS04, VS Forged VS05, VS Forged VS06, VS Forged VS07, and VS Forged VS08.  All New Redesigned Deep Concave wheels give it a aggressive look.  It’s full split spokes from center of the wheel to the lip of the wheel gives it the finishing touch.

Specs :

  • Available Finishes: Brushed Titanium | Brushed Apple Red  | Brushed Bronze
  • Wheel Construction: Monoblock
  • Available in Staggered Setup, Squared Setup, Standard Setup
  • 20″ staggered weigh in a little over 20 pounds True T6061 Forged

Go here to view our new VS Forged Products :


black-bg2 vs02-bg1 vs02r-bg3 vs03-bg4 vs04-bg1 vs04-bg6 vs06-bg2 vs06b-bg2 vs08-bt-bg2 vs08-bt-bg5