Introducing the all new Ferrada Wheels!

Ferrada Wheels is dedicated to providing the highest-quality wheels that possess a winning combination of unique design and elegant craftsmanship. Ferrada Wheels has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry were a catalyst for the creation of exceptional designs that cater to both sport and luxury vehicles. Ferrada Wheels offers sizes that range from 19″ to 22″ and width of 9 to 11.5. With such wide variety of fitments, Ferrada Wheels is able to cater to the discerning car enthusiasts that are seeking for a staggered fitments or aggressive fitments.  Extensive testing is performed on the wheels to meet the requirements of both JWL and VIA specifications to ensure that the highest quality of craftsmanship is provided. Ferrada Wheels has two designs that are currently available, the Ferrada FR1 & the Ferrada FR2. They are available in Matte Black with Gloss Black Lip and Machine Silver with Chrome Lip.


ferrada-wheels-fr2-silver-12 ferrada-wheels-fr2-silver-13 ferrada-wheels-fr2-silver-14 ferrada-wheels-fr2-silver-15

ferrada-wheels-fr2-black-11 ferrada-wheels-fr2-black-12 ferrada-wheels-fr2-black-13 ferrada-wheels-fr2-black-14 ferrada-wheels-fr2-black-15

ferrada-wheels-fr1-silver-11 ferrada-wheels-fr1-silver-12 ferrada-wheels-fr1-silver-13 ferrada-wheels-fr1-silver-14 ferrada-wheels-fr1-silver-15

ferrada-wheels-fr1-black-12 ferrada-wheels-fr1-black-13 ferrada-wheels-fr1-black-14