Introducing Enlaes, The New Standard in Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Parts

Introducing Enlaes, The New Standard in Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Parts.

Enlaes, created in early 2013 by John Morgan Evans and Alex Weld, ENLAES was formed out of the idea that “ENLightened AESthetics” was to be the driving force behind our designs and productions. ENLAES’ sole purpose is to bring you the best race inspired, street and track functional pieces that are of the highest quality, with factory like fitment and for the best price point.

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Their 2×2 twill carbon comes standard which enables them to have an industry leading strength rating for every piece so the highest level of quality and craftsmanship is apparent from the moment you first lay eyes on an ENLAES product. Attention to detail is key to their product line and every part is designed to bolt or mount directly on to OEM locations for a perfect fit with no loss of form or functionality. Each piece comes with all necessary mounting equipment, stainless steel hardware and fully clear coated for superior UV protection.

enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-bmw-f82-m4-01 enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-bmw-f82-m4-07 enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-bmw-f82-m4-199 enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-spoiler-bmw-f82-m4-01 enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-spoiler-bmw-6-series-01 enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-spoiler-bmw-6-series-05 enlaes-carbon-fiber-front-spoiler-bmw-6-series-08enlaes-carbon-fiber-rear-diffuser-bmw-6-series-01 enlaes-carbon-fiber-rear-diffuser-bmw-6-series-03 enlaes-carbon-fiber-rear-diffuser-bmw-6-series-07 enlaes-carbon-fiber-rear-diffuser-bmw-6-series-16