Ground Force GF06 Wheels Fused With The BMW F32 435i Coupe… May The Force Be With You!

bmw-435i-ground-force-gf-06-wheel-machine-silver-10Our latest project car, the BMW F32 435i is introduced to the Ground Force GF06 in its newly released 20″ wheel size. The outcome of the BMW 435i truly staggering, the rear fitment was the royal flush of fitments.

With the Ground Force GF06 wheel model, car enthusiasts are not restricted to generic pre-determined offsets, instead the GF06 is available as a blank wheel. In other words, blank wheels are wheels without a pre-determined offset, nor a pre-determined bolt pattern. This allows our fitment experts to precisely determine the most ideal offset for your vehicles specifications. With a blank wheel, every millimeter is accounted for allowing for a custom tailored wheel to fit on your vehicle regardless if it is lowered such as this vehicle, or even a big brake kit, such as Brembo Brakes.