Eisenmann’s New Exhaust for the BMW F82, F83, M4 & F80 M3 Puts the Man in Craftsmanship

eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-25Eisenmann has just released their latest state of the art crafted exhaust for the new BMW F82 M4, BMW F83 M4, and BMW F80 M3 created directly from Germany. Eisenmann has crafted a revolutionary exhaust with its all new Eisenmann Exhaust Heritage Valve Control System which enables drivers to keep their BMW F82 M4, BMW F83 M4, or BMW F80 M3 tamed and silent in times of need. However, when the time comes to open the valves, and you put the pedal to the metal, the beast’s roaring straight six twin turbo engine is unleashed, as you near your 7500 RPM redline it nearly bursts through the sound barrier, followed by a sonic boom backfire when shifted into the next gear.

eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-26The expertise craftsmanship and the attention to detail of Eisenmann’s exhausts are one of several key factors that separate Eisenmann exhausts from other aftermarket exhaust systems. For instance, the Eisenmann canister shape also enables it not to be viewed from the rear of your vehicle, dramatically enhancing your vehicle’s exterior aesthetics.

eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-14Performance wise, Eisenmann makes sure that drivers are delivered with the most efficiently composed exhaust system with every millimeter, angle, and gram accounted for. Every Eisenmann system is constructed of high grade 304 stainless steel, to produce maximum weight reduction, durability, and of course their world renowned one of a kind exhaust tone.


In addition, with improved flow capacity, allows the exhaust system sufficient overhead for future modifications, removing any restriction in the system and enabling the BMW F80 M3, BMW F82 M4, and BMW F83 M4 to produce even more power.

eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-15Customize-ability is another vital advantage when it comes to choosing an Eisenmann exhaust system. With the array of options Eisenmann offers such as your choice of the standard stainless steel surface finish or the black stainless steel surface finish.

eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-black-06 eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-01In addition to surface finish, you can choose the complete exhaust system which includes downpipes, center pipes, and the rear muffler section which allows for a convenient bolt-on installation.

eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-black-01 eisenmann-exhaust-bmw-f80-m3-f82-m4-24

To top it all off, you have your choice of “LeMans” 4x90mm tips or Eisenmann’s “Signature” 4x90mm tips. In short, Eisenmann exhaust systems are a fusion of an engineering masterpiece, state of the art performance, and an exotic exhaust tone in one package.